Don’t Ask Permission – Write Drunk, Edit Sober

Just keep writing. I’ve been reading a book called “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, since last year. I keep re-reading sections of it since having finished it over the summer. No matter who you are — lawyer, actor, musician, teacher, painter, broker, whatever — I recommend this book.

One of the premises: we are creations. The desire and the instinct to create things is to fulfill a divine purpose. To get closer to God, or the universe, or whatever terminology that works for you.

One of the tactics in the book describes “Morning Pages” — a ritual in which you write three longhand pages, each morning, without going back and editing or re-reading. Don’t share them with anyone. They can be as trivial or as deep as you need them to be.

I’ve found this to be such a helpful exercise. For me, sometimes, they describe a weird dream I had. Sometimes, they describe mundane errands I need to remember. Sometimes, they’re my deepest fears. Sometimes, they’re song lyrics.

I think the most helpful thing has been turning off my “edit” button as I write. Just keep the pen moving. Don’t judge what you’ve put on the page. You can always come back to it later, massage it, make it work for you.

I used to wait for inspiration to hit. Now, it’s a daily discipline, and I’ve come up with a ton of insights and songs. Please, don’t ask anyone’s permission to create what you need to create. Keep on swimming.

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