New Music I’m Listening To: Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers.

My friend Emily (who always listens to THE coolest music) introduced me to Maggie Rogers earlier this year. I saw the video of Pharrell listening to her song “Alaska” and being blown away by it.To hear Emily describe her, she’s so pure. She’s in the zone.

Not to be melodramatic; but when I listen to her stuff, it changes what I aspire to be.

When I record my own stuff, I used to think: “I’m not allowed to use head voice.” When I listen to Maggie, she makes head voice sound hip.

When I listen to my stuff, I used to think “I have too many harmonies.” You guys. Maggie Rogers has harmonies all over the place. And they sound vibe-y and clubby as hell, somehow.

Not to mention, she is a producer. Girlfriend is goals. I think I have her to thank for a new wave of courage. Please go check her out.

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